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Dandy, is the new pool table by Vismara.‎ Its beauty comes from its simplicity: clean lines, essential design and precious materials.‎ Its greatest quality is the perfect balance between form and function.‎

It is a professional pool table, whose top is in slate covered with cloth, by the leading company Simonis.‎ The whole structure is entirely covered in leather, as are the pockets.‎

The upper part of the sides is in canaletto walnut veneer.‎ The Dandy pool table is paired with a free standing cue holder, Bobo, complete with balls and cues.‎

The new Dandy Pool Table can be considered a professional table thanks to some specific features.
As far as the surface is concerned, the use of slates is essential to grant perfect balance and maximum precision while playing pool. Slates come from Lavagna, a Ligurian city rich in this flat rock.

After laying and flattening the slate, the surface is covered with a specific fabric produced by a Belgian company leader in the sector, Simonis. The pool table cloth is made of wool and cotton.

Furthermore, the strength of Vismara pool tables is the possibility of on-site assembly by our specialists. This extra service gives the security of an excellent yield and impeccable results.

The new Pool Table can be customized in finishes and colors, thanks to the wide selection of fine leathers.




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