tavolo da biliardo di lusso




Desire is a luxury pool table. Its design combines modern and classic styles, creating a product that adapts to many different environments.

The internal structure is made of solid wood, the playing surface is made of italian slate and covered with a professional cloth, produced by the leading company Simonis.



Set of cues and balls, Cue Rack, Lacquered Triangle, Lamp


Art. LE.POO. | 260 x 148 x 80 cm – 290 x 163 x 80 cm – 320 x 178 x 81 cm – 391 x 213 x 81 cm


pool table made in italy for luxury homes

tavolo da biliardo di lusso made in italy

The Desire Pool Table is made following the Italian manufacturing tradition and using the highest quality materials. The main feature of the Desire pool table is the decoration on the sides. These are precious inserts that embellish the product. By playing with marble, burls, inlays and metal fibers you can customize the table according to your tastes and the style of your home.

The attention to detail is also visible in the covering of the holes, strictly in leather or eco leather. The Desire Pool table is available for different types of games: from Snooker to American Pool to the Russian Pyramid. Desire is combined with a professional lamp that creates a diffused light perfect for playing, and all the other game accessories.

tavolo da biliardo di lusso in legno


tavoli da biliardo di lusso

tavolo da biliardo di lusso con inserti in marmo
tavolo da biliardo di lusso con marmo
tavolo da biliardo piramide russa
tavolo da piramide russa made in italy