Bar cabinets



Vismara Design bar cabinets are sophisticated top-quality products that perfectly adorn and enhance home theatres, game and living rooms of luxury residences. Vismara luxury bar furniture pays the closest attention to detail so as to be an exclusive piece of design where to put and best store one’s own collection of fine bottles and all necessary bar equipment to always grant a highly-polished service. In the world of luxury furniture, to make your entertainment oasis perfect you can favour either a hidden bar cabinet or a bar cabinet with doors, a real jewel of design; another option can also be a bar cabinet with counter: an impactful, highly-customised and welcoming solution. Luxury entertainment wants the bar area to be conceived as the perfect corner where to relax, have a good chat with friends as well as unforgettable exchanges of view. As a result of the perfect mix between functionality and aesthetic impact that feature Vismara luxury furniture, what characterises bar cabinets is terrific style together with exquisite refinement. Compartments with doors and integrated soft closing, tempered-glass shelves and an exclusive work area adorned with customisable precious materials while being enhanced by LED lights are all elements that give lightness and fineness to the whole environment.

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Hidden bars: a private, sophisticated treat

Hidden bar cabinets are the perfect solution when optimising space and preserving its stylistic harmony prove to be key to create an astoundingly sophisticated oasis of luxury private entertainment. Their doors entirely hidden inside the wall reveal a modern linear design that skilfully plays with materials and shapes. Inside, a spacious worktop is equipped with small appliances and storage units to grant maximum functionality. The plain geometry of open shelves highlights fine bottles and stem glasses elegantly placed in their specific wine-rack. What eventually gives an exclusive and refined character to the whole environment is the central mirror made precious by the recessed lights.

Bar cabinet: the perfect harmony between beauty and functionality

Vismara Design outstanding interpretation of the piece of furniture that, above all, symbolises the art of savouring, fully enjoying life gives rise to different and vivid solutions where a fascinating synergy between tradition and innovation makes the luxury bar cabinet the perfect scenery for moments of sheer conviviality inside the beautiful frame of living rooms, private home theatres and game rooms. Inlaid Makassar ebony with maple wood and gold-plated handles create the perfect place where to elegantly show one’s own collection of fine bottles, precious stem glasses and all necessary bar equipment to simply spend beautiful moments in just as beautiful company.