Home theatre chairs by vismara design

Following an increasingly popular trend wanting the most luxurious villas, penthouses and yachts to be adorned with a private home theatre, Vismara Design has been channelling all its efforts in perfecting and masterfully creating real oases dedicated to private, exclusive entertainment. Vismara home theatre chairs meet perfection in their refined beauty and versatility: quilted geometric patterns, luxury leathers and fabrics, high-impact artisan eclecticism and extremely resistant reclining mechanisms are all harmonised to create unique pieces of design for exclusive luxury entertainment.

When looking at Vismara home theatre chairs for private entertainment (single, love seats and chair beds), customers have always the possibility to highly tailor the project layout choosing between straight and curved rows.

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Home theatre chair: a true luxury treat

100% Made in Italy design and top-quality materials characterising Vismara home theatre chairs grant unparalleled sophistication and comfort. All Vismara reclining chairs are custom-designed, meaning that customers can fully express their desires to tailor every single detail, from colours to materials and finishing. These luxury modern chairs are exclusively designed by Vismara, now an international brand that took its first steps in Brianza, Northern Italy, and their popular and constantly growing appeal is certainly due to the underlying passion for craftsmanship masterworks. A passion that has become complete dedication, deeply-rooted and entrenched in the power of talent and brilliant intuitions: this is what has been allowing to enhance bright prospects thanks to the creation of innovative and cutting-edge products for three generations. Let yourself get comfortable on these beautiful armchairs with footrest, which will make you enjoy a well-earned rest with their enveloping cushioning of excellent quality and soft fabrics combined with luxury accessories and   examples of fine craftsmanship.

Vismara design reclining chairs

Vismara automatic reclining chairs are the end product that result from a number of designs and projects following intuitions, inspirations and clear rules. Skilful hands create unique elements for luxury home furniture where close attention is paid to every detail as well as to highly-customised colours and finishings. These armchairs are then enhanced by first-class optionals, such as a refrigerating cup holder, a dual USB port and a jointed lamp with ultra-touch sensitive light controls: here is where comfort and refined beauty find the perfect balance. By getting comfortable on these beautiful armchairs, you can feel the superior quality of their luxury fabrics and leathers, soft to the touch even with their strong finishings: be ready to be astonished by the artistic beauty of Italian design.