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Vismara designs and creates game tables for luxury entertainment with real passion and constant penchant for excellence. This has always been a challenging but collaborative work, where the team members’ dynamism and resourcefulness have proven winning in conceiving artistic experience and sophisticated design as the base to be combined with the highest quality materials and cutting-edge technology. Poker, pool, roulette tables and many more present themselves in their most luxurious version, where meticulous attention is paid to every detail without forgetting to keep an eye on home entertainment functionality. Professional poker tables for luxury game rooms have thus become key elements in an international, fast growing market that has always been fascinated by the luxurious splendour and the fineness of private game rooms.

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Private game rooms: the art of entertainment

Entertainment means giving and having the opportunity to greatly enjoy one’s own time at home in the most pleasant, joyous and engaging way possible. This is what inspires the creation of private game rooms in luxury villas and residences. Intuitions shape ideas, then funnelled in concrete projects by skilful hands as the perfect example of Italian design sophistication. Vismara atelier of joinery has been contributing to this excellence for over fifty years: the refined concept of entertainment offered by the brand include luxury pool tables, professional table-tennis and table football games and many more, such as chess tables with ebony- and nacre-inlaid chessboard and exclusive custom made pawns.

Creating your own private luxury casino

Unique emotions and luxury casino-like experiences in the intimate comfort of your home: Vismara makes it possible with its poker, Mahjong and black jack tables. Balance and perfect harmony are the watchwords here, where the deep-rooted traditional craftsmanship of Made in Italy meets and merges with an extensive aesthetic research and cutting-edge technology. Luxury game rooms accessories are far more than secondary elements: the refinement and distinctiveness of chandeliers, bar stools and cabinets, poker chips sets and cup holders truly make the difference, creating an undisputed, unique masterpiece of furniture.