Luxury houses: the dining room

When in a luxury house, the dining room catches the eye as a key element where to enjoy and entwine emotions and experiences. Vismara designs luxury furniture whose essential characteristics are functionality and resistance, paying the closest attention to detail following Made in Italy style and excellence. Vismara dining furniture has been designed to be highly customisable as well as in perfect harmony with the rest of the house: a number of shapes, colours and high-end decorations can therefore be chosen and tailor-made.

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The elegance of luxury tables and chairs

Vismara tables and chairs are the result of a rooted artistic and craftsmanship experience that knows how to satisfy a demanding and sophisticated market with products of exquisite and pristine design, true works of art standing out for to their harmonious dynamism and comfortable functionality.

Vismara offers a wide range of luxury tables with built-in extra-clear glass to give the structure itself a touch of sheer brilliance.

The original luxury design dining table is crowned by a central décor inlay created with precious materials and sophisticated artisanal techniques that adorn the entire dining area and make it a jewel of prestige and aesthetic excellence.

Extra-luxury houses: sideboards and glass showcases

Vismara Design vision of luxury dining is to combine precious sophistication with harmonious sobriety. Vismara sideboards are then made to perfectly match luxury tables – both the classic models and the more modern, sough-after ones – while giving the entire area balance and ingenious functionality. These pieces of furniture are skilfully equipped with cutlery tray, shelving units and drawers – all provided with soft-closing doors – to tidily organise table accessories. To further enhance walls with brightness and depth, Vismara offers bevelled mirrored portals with wooden structure and fine woods accessories embellished with high-grade materials. Colours, finishes, decorations and materials can be tailored creatively according to the customer’s tastes and needs. Yet the right and complete answer to the question “How to perfectly furnish a luxury house” cannot forget to include beautiful glass showcases designed with top-quality materials and decorative inserts that are taken care of to the smallest detail – for example, LED lights with sensor and backlit marbles.

Everyone can enjoy beauty, few can make it blossom.

This is why Vismara Design stands out as an excellence in the luxury furniture industry.