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Nowadays, Vismara represents one of the most brilliant and renowned companies of outstanding international significance; it is specialised in “luxury furniture” for the living area, the game room and the home theater. Over the years, Vismara has been able to expand its catalogue with innovative products, all designed to dramatically enhance the environments – its beautiful wall compositions, which are in fact designed so as to arrange the TV screen and last generation A/V systems, stand out as a perfect example.

Its offer includes many collections of luxury furniture for the living area, ranging from tables, chairs, sideboards, bookcases, sofas, lamps, armchairs and small tables to its exclusive pool tables, poker tables, roulette and chess tables.

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It’s a long story full of passion, fatigue and big satisfactions. But what more characterizes Vismara, are at first people, hands and eyes, always vigilant on the present, on the past and first of all on future. It’s love and devotion the real Vismara Design driving force, who does not create simply furniture but big perspectives.

Pino Vismara

The History

Back in 1953, three brothers – one inlayer, one cabinetmaker and one wood carver – decided to pool their efforts and skills to make their dream come true: this is how Vismara sprang from these men’s passion in Seveso, Brianza, in the very heart of northern Italy, and became a classical furniture factory. Over the years, the company has been able to boost increasingly more prestige, so that it has now become an international brand thanks to its fabulously rich and refined offer. During the 1990s, thanks to the intuition of Pino Vismara, a visionary designer, the company has experimented new creations in an effort to interpret the then market trends in a far-sighted manner: it has therefore designed the collections dedicated to entertainment, equipped walls and TV furniture. During the 2000s, Vismara has also focused on the living area [link], hence creating exclusive products of both classical and baroque design with more modern silhouettes. At the same time, it has opened up to home entertainment with ad hoc projects dedicated to private home theaters and luxury game rooms, which soon gained acclaimed worldwide success.

Our philosophy

Thanks to its luxurious and innovative products, as the fruit of expert architects and designers’ experience and passion, Vismara is a well-known brand both in Europe and all over the world. The company perfectly combines the usage of latest generation technologies with panels, hidden systems and other customisable products so as to create comfortable and highly functional environments. The brand has been able to merge the most authentic Italian manufacturing tradition with a modern and innovative spirit: carvings, silver leafing and gilding, subtle details, all finely combined with the most advanced electrical mechanisms – such as the TV furniture ones. The top quality of materials, all certified and guaranteed by Vismara, makes this renowned brand one of the most important rallying point in the luxury furniture industry.



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Pino Vismara
Pino, the face of the company for over 40 years,is the visionary founder and first designer of Vismara. Inspiration, innovation and farsightedness are his work most distinguishing and noteworthy features.
His motto? “Every day presents a fresh challenge.”
Ambra Vismara
Ambra, a tireless and truly dynamic worker, is a powerhouse of ideas and enthusiasm. She pays close attention to her dear customers’ most peculiar and bizarre requests, cultivating business relations that often develop in great friendships.
Her motto? “Work is passion, dedication and, above all, satisfaction.”
Not only is Marco meticulous and precise, but he is also imaginative and smart. Being both pragmatic and ingenious, Marco is definitely well up on problem-solving. Graduated in Architecture, he is able to transform basic ideas into ambitious projects, all characterised by his unmistakable style.
His motto? “If you can dream it, you can do it.”
Creating successful strategies, analysing the data flow and consolidating the brand: these are just a few of Giada’s tasks and responsibilities. As a marketing enthusiast and careful observer of the latest trends, Giada, graduated in Art Markets, has always been characterised by a creative vein that she has enthusiastically driven into the fascinating world of the brand building up.
Her motto? “If you have a winning product, don’t hide it, show it and make people talk about it”.
Martina is the most practical element of the team, as she painstakingly deals with all the phases concerning the products dispatch from the company to their final delivery, leaving nothing to chance. She is able to relate with any type of consumer thanks to her deep technical knowledge and her long, valuable field experience.
Her motto? “Hitches are not an obstacle but stimulating lessons.”